Packed into the Web Theme are a variety of ways to display video content. Content editors can choose to use a hero video in place of a hero image, display a standalone YouTube or Vimeo video, or use our custom YouTube module to display a collection of videos. 

YouTube video embed

Responsive video embeds can be full width or placed in columns to better suit your desired layout. Simply enter the YouTube or Vimeo URL to embed a video into a column. Step-by-step instructions for embedding a single video from YouTube or Vimeo can be found on our User Guide Site under the "Single Video Embed" heading.

YouTube Gallery Example

The Web Theme features a video gallery that can help group similar videos or videos from a channel together. To use this, select an image that represents the gallery and provide a description for visitors. Further instructions on how to use a video gallery can be found on our User Guide Site under the "Video Gallery" heading.